The Australian open is one of the four major grand slam championships held in Melbourne, Australia. This championship is held at the beginning of the year, at the end of January, and lasts two weeks, after which the judges determine the winners in nine categories, five of which among adults, and four among juniors.

Since the day of the first Australian open championship, more than a hundred years have passed, and many world-class tennis stars have managed to prove themselves and receive their awards. Thanks to them, the Australian open championship gained its popularity and became famous around the world. But nevertheless, among the multitude of great players, it is worth highlighting those who made not only a huge contribution to tennis as a sport, but also to tennis as a sport in Australia.

Famous Australian open winners

The first to mention Roger Federer comes from Switzerland. This professional tennis player today boasts a huge number of achievements and records. He managed to win twenty titles at the Grand Slam Championships and stay in first place in the world rankings for almost 240 weeks in a row and more than 300 weeks in total. Roger Federer became the first tennis player in history who managed to become the 8-ct champion of the Wimbledon tournament.

On the Australian open debuted in 2000, where he was able to reach the third round. The following years, he actively went to the victory, but reached only the fourth round, giving way to stronger players. And finally, in 2004, he manages to win the Grand Slam tournament in Australia for the first time, which automatically brings him the status of the first racket of the world. The triumph did not last long, and already in 2005 Roger gave up his title to Marat Safin, but the struggle was very hard – the score was almost equal. And a year later, Federer returns, taking the victory again and celebrating his triumph on the Australian courts. So, until 2008, Roger adequately defended his title, until in 2008 Novak Djokovic beat him. The following year, Roger fights again for the victory, but only goes to the semifinals, and only in 2017 he again receives such a long-awaited victory at the age of 36, which makes him one of the oldest winners of the Grand Slam tournament.

Novak Djokovic has long been one of the main opponents of Roger Federer, often taking away his victory literally just before the final. This tennis player from Serbia also has a lot of achievements, including fifteen clear victories at the Grand Slam championships. Novak Djokovic is the first player in the history of the ATP World Tour, who managed to win not only each of the four Grand Slam singles tournaments, but also each of the nine Masters ATP tournaments. He made his debut on the Australian courts in 2005, but the debut was not successful: Djokovic lost in the first round. Nevertheless, the tennis player did not stop there, and already in 2007 he tried his hand again, reaching the fourth round. In 2008, he managed to fight with Roger Federer on the same court, and even beat him. Djokovic became the first player who managed to interrupt the series of victories of Federer and Nadal. Through hard work, he managed to win the main prize of the Open Championship already in 2011, which was his second victory in the Austrian Championship. The following year also brought him the third victory and world fame. He became the first Open-era tennis player to manage to get three Australian championship titles in a row. And although in 2014 he failed to defend his title, a year later Djokovic won his next victory at the Australian Open, and a year later, in 2016, he again proved his superiority. The next two years, alas, did not bring him any victories in the Australian open.

Another well-known name is American professional tennis player Andre Agassi, who is known for being one of the top 100 tennis players in the world at the age of 16. At the moment, he has become the winner in 60 tournaments, eight of which are Grand Slam tournaments, and also became the first ever holder of a career Golden Slam in the men’s category. Agassi for a long time could not appear on the Australian open because of health problems, but in 1995 he managed to take part in the championship, where he immediately reached the final and beat the first racket of the world – Pete Sampras. And despite the failed games in the Australian open tournaments in the following years, in 2000 he again showed excellent results, winning the second title in his career in this tournament, a year later he achieved the third victory, and in 2003 he won the fourth victory in a row, defeating German Tennis player Rainer Schüttler. Andre Agassi’s career has now ended, but his achievements in tennis remain an example to follow, not only for beginners, but also for experienced players.

And finally, the last one in this list, but not the last in terms of achievements – the former first racket of the world Mats Arne Olof Wilander, born in Sweden. He became the winner in 33 tournaments of the single category and in 7 tournaments of the full category. He won the tournaments of the Australian open in 1983 and 1984, and after a series of losses he won it again in 1988. Mats Wilander was one of the pioneers of Grand Slam tournaments; therefore, many tennis fans, referring to the history of Grand Slam and Australian open tournaments, often mention his name. His professional career ended in 1996. Wilander currently works as a tennis expert on the Eurosport television channel, where he often comments on current games.

This is certainly not a complete list of outstanding tennis players who managed to win the Australian open tournament, but these people, without a doubt, deserve great attention due to their hard work and great contribution to the history of big tennis.