Illuma Square by USA Dance Floor LLC: Leading the Industry with Advanced LED Floors Engineered for Trip Prevention and Durability

Illuma Square by USA Dance Floor LLC is one of the largest and most innovative companies manufacturing LED floors in America. The company designs unique, reliable, and trip-proof floors for commercial use, like TV shows, runways, dancing, staging, commercials, and home use.

The patented Illuma Square LED floor systems are safe, thin and durable. They are designed to be used in various creative ways, including dancing, runways, staging, special effects, and on TV and movie  sets. The company’s founder, Doug Heim, a former DJ and TV personality, recognized a significant market demand for customizable LED floors that could be easily installed and removed. Over the course of more than a decade, under his guidance, the company has consistently created and produced a wide range of vibrant and dynamic floors, capable of responding to music, with diverse colors and chase patterns.

Illuma Square  offers a diverse product line of LED flooring systems. One of the offerings available is the PRO system, formerly the RGB LED Dance Floor. As a pro LED floor, it has some cutting-edge features such as DMX control which creates millions of colors, including white. The floor can also respond to sound and create fun special effects. In addition to its impressive features, each floor panel weighs a mere 63 lbs and is crafted from a half-inch thick white acrylic material. 

The PRO STAR LITE system is another flooring system designed and manufactured by Illuma Square. The PRO STAR LITE floor has  other add-ons such as the white star-field. Each star can be controlled separately with a hand-held remote control, providing clients with enhanced customization capabilities. Additionally, the stars can respond to sound, making the floor system a perfect addition to dance floors, concerts, TV commercial sets, and other commercial uses. 

The third product is the ECONOMYsystem. As the name suggests, the LED floor system is uniquely designed for clients with tighter budgets and is excellent for home use. The Illuma Square ECONOMY system uses smaller squares and thinner acrylic with the same dramatic lighting as the PRO options. It does not, however, respond to sound and does not have DMX capabilities.

Illuma Square not only offers impeccably designed LED floor systems but also specializes in fulfilling custom orders for clients with unique requirements. As the manufacturer, Illuma Square can custom design a floor system to fit unique requirements of size, shape or even a round. If you have a pole or post in the center of your floor, it’s not a problem. Illuma Square can design around it.  Moreover, the company serves as the trusted manufacturer of a wide array of supplementary parts and accessories, including adapters.

Clients interested in unique, reliable, and 100 percent  trip-proof LED floors can contact the company at 9206214839. To interact with Illuma Square by USA Dance Floor LLC and learn more about its unique products, prospective clients can visit the company’s social media pages or their website for more information. Illuma Square by USA Dance Floor LLC  is located at 305 Norbert Ln, Wrightstown, WI, 54180, US.

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Illuma Square by USA Dance Floor LLC
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