Long Island Domestic Violence Lawyer Jason Bassett Shares Insight on How Domestic Violence Cases Are Handled in New York

Long Island domestic violence lawyer Jason Bassett (https://jbassettlaw.com/how-are-domestic-violence-cases-handled-in-new-york/) has recently released an informative article discussing the handling of domestic violence cases in New York. The article sheds light on the legal procedures and potential consequences faced by individuals charged with domestic violence offenses. With a comprehensive overview of the subject matter, Jason Bassett offers valuable insights into the complexities of the legal system and the importance of skilled legal representation.

In recent times, domestic violence has become an alarming issue nationwide, exacerbated by the living conditions brought about by the COVID-19 lockdowns. In response to the increased occurrence of such cases, lawmakers and law enforcement agencies have faced mounting pressure to address them promptly and with severity. While it is crucial to take domestic violence seriously, the article highlights the potential negative impact on the lives of those falsely accused, even if the alleged victim recants their statement. To navigate these challenging circumstances, the experience of a Long Island domestic violence lawyer becomes indispensable.

Discussing the broad scope of domestic violence in New York, the article from the Long Island domestic violence lawyer emphasizes that it encompasses a range of crimes involving closely associated individuals, such as those in romantic relationships, living arrangements, or members of the same family. These offenses can vary from stalking and harassment to more severe charges like rape and murder.

The article further delves into the response of law enforcement when called to a domestic violence incident. New York operates under “mandatory arrest” laws, mandating police officers to make an arrest when they have reasonable cause to believe a crime has occurred. However, even if the alleged victim chooses not to pursue charges, the mandatory arrest policy remains in effect. 

Exceptions exist for situations where both parties are alleged to have committed misdemeanors against each other, in which case the primary aggressor is identified and arrested. After an arrest, the accused is booked and subsequently faces an arraignment where a judge determines release conditions and may issue an order of protection, prohibiting contact between the accused and the accuser.

Jason Bassett draws attention to the devastating impact of false domestic violence charges, which can disrupt an individual’s life and future prospects. Not only are defendants forced to separate from their homes and children, but the repercussions of such charges can follow them indefinitely, tarnishing their reputation, career, and personal life. Therefore, seeking the guidance and representation of an experienced domestic violence lawyer is vital when facing such allegations.

Reflecting on the article, Jason Bassett stated, “It is essential for individuals facing domestic violence charges in New York to understand the intricacies of the legal system and the potential consequences they may face. I am committed to providing skilled and experienced representation to protect the rights and interests of my clients throughout the legal process.”

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Jason Bassett Criminal Attorney is a leading legal firm specializing in criminal defense, serving clients in the Long Island area. With a focus on domestic violence cases, Jason Bassett provides expert legal representation to individuals facing serious criminal charges. Committed to upholding the rights of their clients, the law firm strives to achieve the most favorable outcomes through comprehensive knowledge of the legal system and a dedicated approach to each case.

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