Modern Cryo & Wellness Highlights the Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy for Midlothian Residents

Midlothian, TX – Everyone experiences aches and pains from active living, chronic illnesses, inflammation, or lifestyle choices. Since pain is common, many treatments like Cryotherapy have gained popularity recently among professional athletes, celebrities, gymnasts, and white/blue-collar workers. It’s a form of cold therapy besides ice baths and chilled plungers that exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Cryotherapy can be delivered to one area, a localized Cryotherapy, or an individual can opt for Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), also known as cryoablation. At Modern Cryo & Wellness, a team of professionals ensures their services align with clients’ goals and needs, whether healthy living, pain-free lifestyles, or more energy. 

Whole Body Cryotherapy uses air temperature to target physical and mental problems like chronic pain, depression, muscle recovery, and some forms of arthritis, migraines, and asthma. While it’s popular for everyone from all walks of life, athletes and active individuals have turned to WBC for physical therapy to recover from strenuous workouts since the cold targets sore muscles. It’s also useful for clients desiring better sleep, treatment for some skin conditions, migraine solutions, or support for their weight loss journeys. Additionally, research shared by the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that there is evidence WBC can assist in rehabilitation for adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. 

WBC is a minimally invasive therapy that removes damaged/diseased tissues caused by various medical conditions. It exposes liquid nitrogen or argon gas between minus 200 and minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit to an area for an overall wellness effect. Modern Cryo & Wellness uses a Cryobuilt electric Cryo machine to target multiple joints rather than in separate treatments. Before a session, the team advises clients not to take blood thinners or over-the-counter medication like aspirin. They also recommend limiting food/drink intake and having a friend/family member drive a client home once their session ends. Unfortunately, Whole Body Cryotherapy may not be for everyone as it could impact preexisting conditions such as lung disease, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, heart disease, or allergy symptoms. 

Chris and Rina James, a husband-and-wife team, own and operate Modern Cryo & Wellness. With a deep love of people and passion for success, they have experienced the confidence and positivity that exudes from clients who feel good in their skin. Besides Whole Body Cryotherapy, they offer Infrared Sauna, Red Light Therapy, BrainTap, and Compression Therapy in a professional, relaxed environment to help clients feel comfortable. The business is relationship focused and operates on the core values of generosity, integrity, and transparency. 

Visit their website to learn more about Cryotherapy, or call 469-514-8122 to book a service. Modern Cryo & Wellness is at 1000 E Main St., Suite 201-B, Midlothian, Texas, 76065, US.

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