New York Estate Planning Attorney Yana Feldman Releases Informative Article on Wills, Trusts, & the Estate Planning Process in New York

New York Estate Planning Attorney Yana Feldman ( has recently released an insightful article titled “Wills, Trusts, & the Estate Planning Process in New York.” The article provides valuable information and guidance to individuals seeking to understand the importance of estate planning and the benefits of wills and trusts in protecting their assets.

In the article, New York Estate Planning Attorney Yana Feldman sheds light on the significance of estate planning and the various components involved in the process. She explains, “Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the distribution of an Estate. Your estate is anything you own, including physical assets, intellectual property, investments, vehicles, business interests, real estate, and more.”

With her extensive knowledge and experience in estate planning, New York Estate Planning Attorney Yana Feldman emphasizes the importance of wills and trusts in ensuring a smooth transfer of assets and safeguarding the interests of loved ones. Regarding wills, Feldman explains, “A Last Will and Testament is perhaps the most well-known part of any estate plan. A will is necessary as it helps in making a decision on which your property goes to when you pass on. In addition to providing for the transfer of assets, you can also use a will to name Guardians for your children.”

The article also emphasizes the benefits of trusts for asset protection. Attorney Yana Feldman explains, “A trust is a tool where you place all your assets and become the beneficiary. When you pass away, the trustee distributes your property according to your instructions.”

Yana Feldman also delves into the benefits of trusts in avoiding the probate process, which can often be time-consuming and costly. “Trust assets do not have to pass through the probate process for the property to be transferred to the people you love. By skipping probate, you avoid a public court process. A well-crafted trust will likely save your family thousands in probate fees and potential legal costs from infighting,” she explains.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the estate planning process, highlighting the significance of wills and trusts in preserving assets and ensuring a seamless transfer to future generations. Yana Feldman advises individuals to seek professional assistance from a reputable estate planning law firm to navigate the complexities of creating a comprehensive estate plan.

For individuals interested in crafting their perfect estate plans, Yana Feldman & Associates, PLLC offers their dedicated and personalized services. With a focus on client satisfaction, their experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping clients secure their assets and protect their loved one’s futures.

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New York Legacy Lawyers, led by Attorney Yana Feldman, is a well-established law firm focusing on estate planning, probate, and elder law. With a commitment to providing exceptional legal services and personalized attention, their team strives to assist individuals and families in safeguarding their legacies and ensuring a smooth transfer of assets.

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