The Linen Duck Furniture Store Shares Causes Of Furniture Backlog

Nashville, TN People who have been furniture shopping for the last three years may have noticed that it’s not as easy to get a couch, bed, or kitchen table as it was before the pandemic. The reasons for this are many, and none of them stem directly from the retail sector. Representatives from the Linen Duck furniture store acknowledge consumer frustration and say they have felt it, too.

Interior design services specialist from Nashville, TN-based boutique furniture store The Linen Duck explains that there are many reasons why some furniture and home accents continue to be out of stock. These include demand, shipping backlogs, labor shortages, and raw material deficits.

It all started with the pandemic. Furniture stores in Columbia, Franklin, and the surrounding areas began to see a spike in sales in the spring of 2020. People were home more often, and this meant they noticed all the problems with their current furniture. Virtual interior design services spiked, and people simply wanted to spruce up their homes. Further, as more and more people began to work from home, demand for things like desks and office chairs jumped sharply.

On top of increased consumer demand, many businesses were required to close in the name of public health. This meant that there was a time when consumers simply could not get products, and demand spiked when doors opened once again. 

And then the labor shortages began. Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic. Although people wanted to work, many remained hesitant to do so in a public setting, given how little science truly knew about the dangers of the COVID-19 virus. Many people simply were not willing to put themselves and their compromised loved ones at risk for the sake of a paycheck. The CARES Act provided supplemental income for many individuals, meaning that the need to get back to work was not urgent.

In 2021, just as some furniture stores throughout the Columbia area started to see the pressure ease up a bit, a major ice storm in Texas – Texas is the nation’s leading supplier of furniture foam – shut production lines down. This caused further delays, price increases, and consumer frustration.

Finally, in 2022, the world started to stabilize. Cost, which could have been up to six times pre-pandemic amounts, began to fall, and production picked up. While the furniture industry may never have pricing on par with 2019 and before, things are continuing to even out, and future pricing increases will have more to do with inflation than industry issues.

For those seeking to update their homes in 2023, The Linen Duck offers this advice:

  • Buy early. The Linen Duck does not recommend waiting until the last minute to visit the furniture store. Consumers should give themselves a time cushion to allow for delays.
  • Invest in quality. Although pricing is still higher than most American buyers are accustomed to, it pays to spend more now than to have to replace a low-quality piece later.

Ultimately, the furniture industry is starting to level out, and most experts believe it will stay that way. This does not mean that pricing and availability will be anywhere near pre-pandemic levels, only that consumers are unlikely to see the sharp jump in price and major shipping delays seen in 2020 and 2021. 

The Linen Duck is a boutique furniture store located in Columbia, TN, just south of Nashville. With a vast selection of customizable furniture and accessories, The Linen Duck caters to those wanting a truly unique, comfortable, and quality interior.

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By Arlene Huff

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