Wangeshi’s Aluminum Extrusion Press is Set to Revolutionize the Aluminum Industry

Foshan, China – Statistics from the Chinese aluminum Extrusion market show a steady growth of the extrusion industry, with the potential of hitting 40 billion yuan at the end of the year. At this rate, the aluminum extrusion market is not a place for inexperienced manufacturers. Fit for the game, Wangeshi is celebrating its 23rd year in the extrusion machinery industry. And this comes with their 15MN aluminum extrusion press.

The 15MN Aluminum Extruder 

Wangeshi has built the 15MN extruder to match the current industrial needs. The press ranges from 600 to 20,000 tons, making it versatile to work in different production environments and requirements. Statistics show the aluminum industry is witnessing the inception of many more manufacturers. And so to speak, accuracy is on demand, and the 15MN offers an accuracy of 0.1mm. Wangeshi’s press can still be adjusted for fine-tuning and optimal operations. 

Additionally, Wangeshi takes the failure rate seriously, and that’s why the 15MN extrusion press keeps it low. It still cuts idle time to maximize the output. As for sustainability, it fits with the DFRN system to limit noise, energy loss, and material wastage. According to Wangehi’s sales manager, Maddy Yu, the 15mn press will be able to facilitate the production of

  • New-energy vehicles,
  • Solar frames
  • Architectural material
  • Military equipment
  • Aircrafts

Wangeshi aims to change the way the aluminum industry wastes human labor. The 15MN is set to run on automation and intelligence functions in this regard. There is no longer a need for supervision. This will even allow the manufacturer to optimize the extrusion process and achieve better results. At the same time, tests show the automation allowing the 15MN to run at high speed without compromising accuracy. It’s designed for repeatability and achieving consistent results. As such, it can potentially abate human errors and improve efficiency. All eyes are on the quick-swapping extrusion barrel device.

Industrial statistics show time wastage when changing the extrusion Barrel. However, the 15 MN press has a barrel-changing device powered by an independent electrochemical controller. A sprocket drives the machine’s motor, and it controls the motion of the snapping device using smaller gears. 

This enables quick and efficient modification of the barrel gap. When the motor triggers the smaller gears, the snaps align accurately with the corresponding aperture. Thus operators can swiftly gain access to the barrel and replace it. 

Wangeshi’s 15MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Press is raising the bar for aluminum extruders. It’s transforming all aluminum extrusion and profile manufacturing operations with unmatched efficiency, pace, and precision through automation. Their products remain trusted by over 88,000 users locally and internationally.

For further information about Wangeshi and its long-line aluminum extrusion manufacturing solutions, kindly browse their product pages by visiting And, for guidance on extrusion-related glitches, talk to the experts today and get back to a transformative journey that will revolutionize the manufacturing abilities.

About Wangeshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Wangeshi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. It is a developer of energy-saving aluminum machinery, operating at the forefront of the industry. They stand out from the crowd with two decades of experience making advanced technological aluminum extrusion solutions. 

They have successfully sold over 88,000 machines globally. To date, their mission is to build an international brand of energy-saving aluminum machinery, driving innovation and meeting the evolving needs of aluminum profile manufacturers.  

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