Zone Walk Solutions Launches a Framework to Transform the Employee Experience Landscape

When people bring their talents to the workplace, they bring a sense of curiosity and a will to contribute and connect, says CEO & Founder Hayes.. Most employees want to make their highest contribution!  Leveraging the “Strength, Stretch & Flex” Model, developed by Zone Walk Solutions, they partner with business leaders to build a sustainable framework to transform struggling or marginal organizational cultures. 

According to Krista, “What we know is that highly engaged employees will deliver results that amaze their accountable leaders and themselves.  We’ve heard it said so many times, “people don’t leave jobs, they leave Managers.”

Zone Walk Solutions, partners with business leaders to transform the employee experience and optimize business processes.  Krista’s passion offering at Zone Walk Solutions is the “Employee Experience Zone” (EEZ).  The goal in the Employee Experience Zone is to create a culture of empowerment, where employees at all levels (leaders included) are inspired by the realization of their ability to take ownership of and have impact on their work experience.  The goal is for employees to WANT to come to work!

As part of the Employee Experience Zone, the key outcomes of a relationship with Zone Walk Solutions include:  greater TRUST and a sense of empowerment (foundational to any strong culture), increased productivity, and better employee retention. Leaders are equipped with a toolkit to continue this work.  These are critical indications of a healthy and thriving organizational culture.

What makes Zone Walk Solutions different?  As most know, workplace culture is part of the conversation now, more than ever, particularly in this post-pandemic environment. And there is still quite a bit of work to be done.  In addition to how Zone Walk Solutions embraces the value of the human experience and its impact on achieving business goals, Krista also brings rich and deep operations experience, acknowledging the overlapping impact of process on the overall employee experience and the opportunity that addressing this can present.

Creating change in the workplace can be complex, but it doesn’t need to be.  Zone Walk Solutions believes 3 things:

  • ALL workplaces can be inclusive, enjoyable, and gratifying, no matter what type of work.
  • Addressing the “process” can be as important as a focus on the people, to creating an optimal workplace culture.
  • Applying the Zone Walk Solutions’ “Strength, Stretch & Flex” approach provides leaders a roadmap that offers a leg up on optimizing an employee’s workplace experience.

5-Star Testimonials Include

“I hired ZoneWalk Solutions to help me develop a roadmap of repeatable and sustainable activities that would help improve employee engagement, reduce turnover and improve performance. Working with Krista was an excellent experience, the passion and expertise she brought to our engagement has been truly transformational for my business.” Cenita W.

“I had the privilege of working together with Krista for almost 20 years as a colleague, business partner, and peer. She is an outstanding leader committed to achieving peak performance standards and results in a way that inspires creativity, respects and encourages diversity, and drives innovation and optimization.”  Shawn M.

“I appreciate Krista’s authentic leadership and ability to “light a fire” within others. Thank you for inspiring me to be better, and for pushing me to be a good leader…” Golnaz F.

About Zone Walk Solutions (ZWS)

People and processes are fun, but struggling with them is not. ZWS partners with business leaders to create everyday solutions that enable them to focus on more of what they love to do daily, maximizing impact in their areas of expertise. For many thriving businesses, to do this requires a need to drive transformational people and process outcomes. Zone Walk Solutions, LLC is excited to partner with you on this journey! 

According to Krista, “To leaders everywhere, don’t miss your most amazing opportunities.  Employees see what you cannot and they have the BEST ideas!  Ask “why not” instead of “why ” when an employee or team member suggests CHANGE.”

Meet Krista Hayes, SPHR, CEO & Founder

Krista has spent her professional career in corporate roles in financial services leading operations, growing talent and optimizing processes. She is married to a long-time business owner and CPA who she watched build an incredible business with vision, expertise and relentless commitment; and she has a network of friends and family who have taken the brave entrepreneurial plunge. She has led teams that were recognized for delivering award-winning business solutions and watched team members soar professionally while doing it.

These experiences and relationships gave Krista a front-row seat to the successes and challenges associated with running a business in these different environments. 

She is known as a creative spirit and a compassionate and structured leader at the core, who has an enthusiasm for culture and a passion for people. It is this compelling set of personal traits that has cultivated high-producing leaders, created inspired, conversation-worthy workplace experiences for employees and resulted in noteworthy process efficiency. 

It is Krista’s desire to exploit these traits to create amazing experiences for business leaders and team members everywhere. It is this belief that was the driving force behind Krista to establish Zone Walk Solutions.

“Assume good intentions and every conversation will be just a little bit easier,” states Krista.

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